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Rising inflation could harm UK gambling revenue, survey warns

Permainan terbesar Data SGP 2020 – 2021. Hadiah oke punya lainnya dapat dilihat dengan berkala via status yg kita tempatkan pada laman tersebut, dan juga bisa dichat pada petugas LiveChat support kami yang menjaga 24 jam On the internet buat mengservis semua maksud para player. Ayo langsung gabung, serta ambil diskon Lotere serta Kasino On the internet terbaik yang hadir di tempat kami.

Rising inflation in the UK could soon have an impact on the gambling sector due to the gamblers plan to stop or reduce their gambling.

The results of a survey conducted by the market research company YouGov suggest that rising inflation in the UK could soon have an impact on the gambling sector. The survey found that half of all active gamblers planned to stop or reduce their gambling.

Commissioned by Department of Trust (DoTrust), the survey found that 32 per cent of 700 respondents who are active gamblers planned to spend less on gambling in the coming months and that 18 per cent planed to no longer gamble at all.

Some 38 per cent of respondents said they were watching their spending but had not made changes while 43 per cent were already cutting back on non-essential expenses as inflation driven by rising energy prices pushes up consumer prices in the UK. Some 11 per cent were struggling to pay essential expenses.

The survey was conducted in the week of March 17 and based on a representative sample of active gamblers, DoTrust said. It excluded gamblers who only played on lottery products.

An “alarm bell” for the gambling sector

DoTrust founder and chief executive Charles Cohen said the results were an “alarm bell” for the industry.

He said: “Inflation is at levels not seen for decades and this is translating into a fast-moving affordability crisis for the gambling industry. Wait-and-see is not an option: operators need real-time financial data more than ever.”

Meanwhile, the current UK National Lottery operator Camelot is set to mount a legal challenge to the Gambling Commission’s choice of the Czech Republic’s Allwyn as its preferred applicant to run the lottery from 2024. Camelot is reportedly planning to take the matter to the High Court.

Camelot is claiming that the Gambling Commission removed a 15 per cent risk factor weighting that was originally used in its assessment of the bids. The company also claims the regulator failed to scrutinise Allwyn’s claims about how much money it will give to good causes.

The company reportedly plans to lodge a case against the Gambling Commission in court this week.

Camelot has done this before. When it initially lost the first National Lottery licence re-tender in 2000 to Richard Branson’s Virgin, it took the matter to court claiming unfair treatment and won, eventually retaining the licence, which it has held ever since.

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Slotegrator celebrates its 10th anniversary

Undian khusus Result SGP 2020 – 2021. Game gede lainnya dapat dipandang secara terjadwal lewat informasi yang kami tempatkan dalam laman tersebut, lalu juga siap dichat terhadap operator LiveChat pendukung kita yg ada 24 jam Online buat melayani semua kepentingan para visitor. Yuk langsung sign-up, & ambil hadiah Lotere serta Kasino Online tergede yg hadir di web kami.

Slotegrator, one of the leading developers of solutions for the gambling industry, will celebrate its tenth anniversary on March 31.

Slotegrator has spend the last 10 years making invaluable contributions to the innovative world of gambling. Since its foundation in 2012, the company has been providing advanced technical solutions and services to its clients in the iGaming industry, supplying software that online casinos and sportsbooks can rely on.

Every day, Slotegrator’s specialists work to create boundary-pushing new products and expand the company’s circle of clients. Today, the company has over 200 customers worldwide, having launched more than 150 projects and signed contracts with 75 game developers, including Red Tiger, Greentube, Evolution, Relax Gaming, Endorphina, NetEnt, Pragmatic Play, and others.

The Slotegrator team believes that staying innovative is the key to success in the rapidly changing world of iGaming The most recent example is the company’s Telegram Casino solution, an alternative to the classic casino frontend. Players access the casino through a bot in the popular messaging application, and the backend management system allows you to control every aspect of the casino: notifications and e-mails, content, bonuses, payment methods, and more. Telegram Casino can be synchronized with the main platform or act as a standalone product. This is far from the only development that the team is proud of; based on careful analysis of market and consumer behavior, Slotegrator’s specialists are always trying to come up with something new.

Slotegrator is celebrating its anniversary with a new look. After ten years of new products, strategies, and markets, the rebrand stays true to the company’s core values while reflecting how it has evolved, showing Slotegrator’s commitment to staying on the cutting edge of the industry.

Today, the company is a vital part of the iGaming community. Slotegrator’s team members are a regular fixture at international forums and exhibitions, where they share knowledge and insights, meet up with long-term clients, and network.

To present solutions and host meetings with partners and clients, the company had stands at Ukrainian Gaming Week, SBC Barcelona, ​​iGB, Sigma and SBC Summit CIS in 2021. Slotegrator representatives have recently attended other events: IFX Expo Dubai, iGathering Belgrade, Cyprus Gaming Show, Gaming Industry Kyiv, and more.

Over its 10 years of operation, Slotegrator has introduced many new products, entered new markets, and grown its team to more than 300 passionate professionals. The team plans to continue to implement new ideas and increase the number of satisfied online casino and sportsbook owners.

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Registrations for ICE tracking 26% above 2020 figures

Promo harian Result SGP 2020 – 2021. Promo seputar yang lain dapat dilihat dengan berkala melalui notifikasi yg kami umumkan dalam laman ini, serta juga siap ditanyakan kepada operator LiveChat support kita yang menunggu 24 jam Online buat melayani segala keperluan antara bettor. Lanjut segera daftar, & kenakan diskon Toto dan Kasino Online terbaik yang nyata di lokasi kita.

Registrations for April’s much awaited return of ICE London are tracking above the like-for-like volumes recorded for the February 2020 show, which was the last live edition of ICE.

Over the period 1st March – 8th March registrations were up 26% compared to the same stage of the campaign in 2020, contributing to what is an overall 22% uplift in pre-registrations.

Stuart Hunter, Managing Director of Clarion Gaming believes the upward trend reflects how much value the industry places on having a successful ICE London and the trust the brand commands. He stated: “Whilst the overall uplift in registrations could be due to a range of historical reasons which may no longer be relevant the daily registrations that we are receiving as we enter the last month of our visitor campaign stand-up to scrutiny and represent an extremely encouraging level of engagement.
Industry professionals registering now know about our temporary April dates and are aware that the show floor will look and feel different compared to previous years. Other metrics confirm that the audience will comprise a higher proportion of senior C-Level executives as well as those industry professionals that are part of the decision-making and purchasing process. I should add that the overwhelming majority of ICE attendees register in the last 30-days prior to the event and that the figures do not include those registering for the co-located iGB Affiliate London.”

He added: “The core message is that despite the difficulties facing the industry and the unavoidable problems concerning our enforced temporary dates, ICE London 2022 will be the biggest gathering of the international industry since the last edition of ICE two years ago. We are in close contact with our community of exhibitors and visitors and to a person they are looking forward to being able to reconnect with their customers and suppliers in a live environment. This chimes with our experience running iGB Live! and iGB Affiliate Amsterdam last Autumn which demonstrated quite how much the industry has missed the opportunity to meet face-to-face and the huge commercial value of being able to do so. Data from the broader events industry confirm that nearly seven out of ten buyers (69%) will recommend brands that they have engaged with at live events and there’s no doubt that the return of in-person represents a major opportunity for businesses to bounce-back post-Covid.”

Underlining the core credentials of ICE, Stuart Hunter confirmed: “The ICE London experience is underpinned by technology, innovation and opportunity. Visitors will have access to initiatives such as Pitch ICE, the International Casino Conference, World Regulatory Briefing, the ICE VOX conference programme, the expanded Consumer Protection Zone, and our brand-new Hosted Meetings Programme. In addition, there will be no better place for executives in the gaming and gambling industry to receive a comprehensive understanding of the esports phenomenon and how their businesses can benefit from it.

“ICE has always set the tone for the year ahead and the stands at ExCeL London will be brimming with the many hundreds of new innovative products and services that will be making their debut at ICE London and that have the potential to transform the industry. ICE is very much open for business and as a team we are looking forward to marking the return of the industry in the company of the industry when it meets next month in London.”

ICE London (12-14 April 2022, ExCeL London) is the biggest b2b gambling industry event in the world and features games creators, distributors, operators, retailers, trade associations, strategic bodies and regulators.

Our Casino Life & Business Magazine is the only media partner from Central and Eastern Europe of this important event.

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About personalizing Responsible Gaming messages (III) –

Game oke punya Keluaran SGP 2020 – 2021. Prize mingguan lain-lain hadir diperhatikan secara terpola lewat pemberitahuan yg kami tempatkan di website ini, lalu juga siap ditanyakan kepada petugas LiveChat pendukung kami yg menjaga 24 jam Online guna meladeni seluruh kepentingan para pengunjung. Ayo buruan gabung, dan ambil diskon Toto serta Kasino On-line tergede yang ada di situs kita.

About personalizing Responsible Gaming messages (III)

(continued from previous issue)

By Dan Iliovici, Vicepresident, ROMBET

In this year’s first issue of Casino Life & Business Magazine, I began presenting the study*1 “Strategies for personalizing responsible gaming messages”, with the hope that it could be a source of inspiration for regulators, operators and those directly involved in the development and transmission of such messages.
We continue the translation of the study, accompanied by a few short comments where we felt the need for underlining or examples.

Self-assessment messages
“Self-assessment messages encourage consumers to reflect on their own personal situation and take appropriate action. Persuasive research shows that when individuals generate their own arguments and conclusions, they are more convincing to the individual than the statements provided by external sources. Self-generated arguments are often perceived as more accurate than information provided by external sources.
Messages that involve a result but allow the recipients to draw their own conclusions can reduce resentment and increase the persuasiveness of the messages.
A few lab and game room tests on the effectiveness of self-assessment messages (e.g., “Did you spend more than you intended?”) Found that such messages raise awareness of your game time and create more realistic thoughts than messages about the chance to win. This increases the likelihood that the player will take a break and reduce the length of play sessions.”
I wonder in this context, sarcastically, how self-evaluative the famous is … Play responsibly.

Specific and action-oriented message
”Less abstract messages, which include specific actions, such as setting a deposit limit, can increase compliance. Research on smokers has found that warning messages should contain enough information and identify steps to help smokers make progress towards quitting. Online gambling messages that suggested specific information (e.g., “10 gambling commands”) generated five times more “clicks” on the website than commonly used informational messages (e.g., ” How problem gambling works ”). A sense of urgency can also be introduced by using expressions such as “Have you already done?” This is in line with research on health warnings that have shown that messages that are positive and have a sense of urgency are considered to be strong motivators for action.”
Here is one more comment: I am convinced of the total futility of clever exhortations such as: “Drink responsibly, Play responsibly; Tobacco is seriously harmful to health, Read the package leaflet carefully (ten pages, with illegible font)”. It all sounds like a joke, something like, “We’re sorry, but we warned you that you must be responsible.”
But whose responsibility is it ?! Only the consumer?
Finally, I return to the old comparison between consumer ads vs. these so-called “warnings”. While the first ones overflow with new ideas, inventiveness, and I don’t know how to attract attention, to attract customers, the dry urges to responsibility are more annoying than doing any good.
And the next chapter of the study seems to confirm these observations.


Targeted messages for players
” Attempts to warn players of the risks associated with gambling and to direct them to Responsible Gaming (JR) information often use billboards with JR slogans and support numbers for problem gambling. Many studies have found that these messages are largely ignored by players. The extent to which the message is read, absorbed, and acted upon depends on the personal relevance of the message, the ability of the target recipient to assimilate the information, and their motivation to respond. To be effective, JR messages should involve the gambler’s cognitive, emotional, and motivational faculties and change worrying behaviors. It is unreasonable to expect that messages sent to all players could have an impact, given the many differences between players, including the type of resources each would use.

While old gambling systems were more inflexible, new technology allows for sophisticated JR strategies, directly linked to each game account, including personalized messages targeting players based on individual characteristics and game patterns. For example, gambling providers may send direct emails, online messages, or text messages to customers. In addition, where loyalty cards are used, operators can send personalized JR messages to customers through the screens of electronic gaming devices. Personalized messaging has been shown to go beyond traditional, static health information strategies, and is more likely to be read, remembered, and viewed as relevant. It should be noted that personalized messages have proven to be important in motivating change in problem players, whether or not they start treatment.”

Segmentation of player groups
Targeted messages should be particularly useful in populations where there is great variability between members, and that information is accessible in marketing databases.

A key differentiation between players is age. Young adults (aged 18 to 24) seem to have more gambling problems. Receiving warning messages by young adults is often considered different from the general population. In a meta-analysis of the evidence on the effectiveness of the warning message, Argo and Main argue that age is negatively correlated with the perception of the warning message, although they note relatively limited empirical evidence to support this. Young adults tend to perceive themselves as invulnerable to the negative consequences of risky behaviors and have difficulty relating to the negative consequences that may arise in the future. Young people also tend to underestimate the severity of gambling problems, do not recognize and accept these problems, and are less likely to seek help. They do not necessarily have a poorer understanding of the odds of gambling than adults, but they are more prone to misconceptions about gambling as well as the belief that gambling can be controlled. Due to the increased relevance of social norms for young people, manipulating the social context can increase the effectiveness of messages for this target cohort. For example, advertisements for the prevention of smoking and drug use that highlight social implications appear to be more compelling than warnings about physiological diseases in adolescents and young adults.

Instead, older adults are another group with unique risks and importance. According to the Canadian Community Health Survey of 2014, over 67% of people over the age of +65 are betting. Many researchers have emphasized the importance of protecting this group from the harms of gambling, noting the risk factors associated with fixed income, social isolation, death and increased leisure time in retirement. A key difference between seniors and other groups is that they show a more obsessive passion for gambling when their behavior is problematic. They are also more likely to respond to digital marketing strategies than other subgroups.

It is also plausible that different gambling users receive messages differently. Players who engage in games with real skills or perceived as skill games (e.g., poker, sports betting) consider themselves different because they use their ability to increase their chances of winning. Online poker players generally aim for less loss recovery than online casino players, responding better to time-bound instruments than money-setting tools (unlike other players) (…).

Frequent gamblers – usually characterized by participating in gambling once a week or more – have been identified as having a higher risk of gambling problems. Research has shown that frequency of participation is a highly predictive risk factor for gambling problems and can be a behavioral marker for gambling problems. Given the specific characteristics of this group, frequent players seem to be another plausible target group, a group that needs to be studied for personalized RG messages, along with young adults, seniors, and skill game players.

There are several variables that can be considered in the design and distribution of RG messages, and the impact of the message is likely to differ between different segments of players due to their own needs and preferences. There seems to be adequate evidence in the gambling literature to justify personalizing messages for young adults, older adults, skill game players, and frequent players. Although there are other risk groups, we examine these categories because they can be identified in most marketing databases. Age is collected as part of the control requirements in the registration processes (on the gaming platform n.m.), while the type and frequency of the game are variables controlled by the operator. The next section describes the thematic differences in the needs of these categories / groups of players.”

In the next issue of Casino Life & Business Magazine we will continue the presentation of this interesting academic study*3.

*1 Gainsbury, S.M., Abarbanel, B.L.L., Philander, K.S. et al. Strategies to customize responsible gambling messages: a review and focus group study. BMC Public Health 18, 1381 (2018).
*2 Adapted translation of the original paragraph.
*3 This article is distributed in accordance with the terms of the international license Creative Commons Attribution 4.0

Casinò di Campione has reopened –

Undian khusus Data SGP 2020 – 2021. Game gede yang lain-lain tampak dipandang secara terencana via kabar yang kami lampirkan pada web itu, serta juga bisa dichat kepada petugas LiveChat pendukung kami yg ada 24 jam On-line dapat melayani semua keperluan para tamu. Ayo cepetan gabung, & kenakan cashback Undian dan Kasino Online tergede yang ada di situs kami.

Casinò di Campione has reopened

”Casinò di Campione has now exceeded all expectations”

The main motive for opening a casino in Campione, a tiny Italian enclave surrounded by Switzerland, in 1917 was for the premises to be used as a base for spying on foreign diplomats during the First World War. It closed a couple of years later but reopened in 1933, the same year Benito Mussolini added “d’Italia” to the town’s name to assert its Italian identity.

Over the ensuing decades, Casinò di Campione, the oldest and largest in Europe, brought riches to the town and, as the main employer, became so embedded in its livelihood that when it abruptly closed in 2018 after going bust.
In 2007 Casinò di Campione moved to the famous futuristic building complex on the shores of Lake Lugano that was especially designed by architect Mario Botta.
9 floors high and covered in precious Golden Stone, it contains many small worlds: the central heart is the kingdom of slots and gaming tables; going up there is a porch area that opens onto the lake, the panoramic hall of the restaurant and the shows hall. An internal surface of 55,000 square meters dedicated to entertainment with 3 levels of underground parking, 28 lifts and 4 escalators.
It’s a modern and functional building that imposes itself without invading. The external finish, in golden stone slabs, connects the modern twentieth-century fabric of Campione d’Italia with the historic center of the town.
The gaming offer at the new Casinò Campione clearly follows the casino slogan: “The next fun”. Gaming entertainment deluxe, as well as events and dining create a luxury offer for discerning guests from the region and from abroad. On the live gaming floors, a broad selection of live games guarantees hours of traditional casino entertainment and on the first and second floor, the Casinò Campione offers a broad choice of electronic games, comprising a wide selection of video slots as well as electronic Roulette terminals, spiced up with numerous Progressives and Mystery Jackpots.

Casinò di Campione has reopened with brand new NOVOMATIC offering
The new machine park includes, amongst others, the internationally best-selling PANTHERA cabinets with popular Linked Progressive content such as the NOVO LINE CASH CONNECTION Edition 2, Superia CASH CONNECTION Volume 1 and the XTENSION Link as well as the evergreen SUPER-V+ GAMINATOR with the new Gaminator MY CASH Edition 1 as a Standalone Progressive offer.

The casino was also equipped with the NBS Casino Management System, including floor management, accounting and reporting routines as well as customer-facing ATMs and promo towers. This state-of-the-art solution adheres to regulatory requirements, grants maximum privacy and comfort for the guest and enables the operator to run all processes smoothly via a centralised and modern system. In line with the slogan “All in one Touch”, it was also implemented in the entrance area for customer management and access control in accordance with the highest Responsible Gaming standards, supported by biometrically operated fingerprint and face recognition.
The NOVOMATIC Interior Design Solutions (IDS) department redesigned the reception according to customer requirements and with the prerequisite to integrate the access control. The design of the new reception is based on a sophisticated modular concept including elegant interior design elements, indirect lighting and an intriguing five meters long chandelier made of hand-blown glass balls.

Marco Ambrosini, CEO of the Casinò Campione, said: “In spite of the pandemic situation and despite the adversity of the abrupt closure in 2018, the Casino of Campione d’Italia has now exceeded all expectations with an exciting restart. All the huge structures for the re-opening were renewed, the entire logistics organized and the machine park installed in time for the new season. With NOVOMATIC, we had a strong partner at our side: structured, competent and with decades of experience in the sector as well as with the ability to support the immense mechanism of a casino with 1,500 customers a day. By bringing their technicians and engineers to collaborate with our historic team, updating and supporting it, NOVOMATIC assisted us to upgrade the casino offer to the latest standards.”
Franco Rota, President NOVOMATIC Italia, said: “Casinò Campione is a customer with whom we have maintained a long-term business relationship that we are very proud of. Therefore, we are also delighted to be a partner of choice for the casino’s reopening. We congratulate the Casinò Campione on their successful new start, of course hoping that our excellent business relationship will last for many more years of mutual success.”

Why offline casino operators go online

Cashback gede Data SGP 2020 – 2021. Promo hari ini yang lain tersedia dipandang secara berkala melalui pemberitahuan yg kita sampaikan pada website itu, lalu juga dapat ditanyakan terhadap petugas LiveChat support kita yg tersedia 24 jam Online buat meladeni seluruh kebutuhan antara pemain. Ayo cepetan join, dan dapatkan cashback Lotre dan Live Casino Online terbaik yang terdapat di tempat kami.

Why offline casino operators go online, in a casino market which is one of the world’s most impressive industries in terms of capital growth.

The online casino market is one of the world’s most impressive industries in terms of capital growth. According to Gambling: Global Market Opportunities & Strategies, the global online gambling market size increased from $73.42 billion in 2021 to $81.08 billion in 2022 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 10.4%, and the market is expected to reach $115.13 billion by 2026.

First-time entrepreneurs have an obvious reason to enter the gambling industry. But Slotegrator’s sales team also found that a significant number of the company’s clients, current online casino operators, came from offline. So why do offline casino operators go online?

Reason №1 — It’s an innovative industry
New technology is the calling card of the iGaming industry. From virtual reality to AI and chatbots, innovation plays a central role in online gambling, and the allure of new tech brings in casino owners as well as players.

The development of crypto casinos also plays an important role. Online casinos are accepting increasing amounts of deposits in BTC, LTC, ETH, and other cryptocurrencies. Fast, secure crypto transactions are popular among players who value their privacy, giving plenty of platforms an impetus to support them.

Due to the rising interest in cryptocurrencies and crypto casinos, Slotegrator launched a specialized product. Bitcoin Casino is an innovative type of gambling platform with integrated cryptocurrencies that guarantee high transaction speed and secure payments. Quite expectedly, the solution is already in high demand in the online gambling market, and has become one of the company’s most popular products.

Reason №2 — Covid-19
The coronavirus pandemic has led to changes in the global gambling market, especially its most dynamic segment — online casinos.

Around-the-clock user support, a wide range of bets, instant payouts, and sheer convenience are some of the well-known advantages of online casinos. They also became the only option when brick-and-mortar casinos were closed during the pandemic.

In March 2020, when the Covid-19 epidemic swept across the world, the global online gambling market experienced massive growth as traditional casino players turned to online options and sports bettors turned to alternatives like virtual sports. The massive sea change is still affecting the gambling industry today.

Reason №3 — Opportunity to enter new markets
Europe leads the way in online gambling, with the massive Asian market not too far behind. But a lot of attention throughout the industry has been directed at emerging markets around the world.

African nations like Kenya, Nigeria, and Tanzania offer opportunities for online casino and sportsbook operators to get their foot in the door of a fast-growing market. The same goes for Latin American countries like Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Peru, and — especially — Brazil, which is set to soon regulate sports betting.

Emerging markets present opportunities to establish a brand before costs and regulations pile up and make it difficult to do so. Established markets like those in Europe are more valuable, but they come with higher start-up costs and more regulatory requirements to navigate. Offline casinos can’t simply pack up and move to a new market, whereas online casino brands can operate in a number of different markets at once.

Reason №4 — Mobile Trend
Mobile gambling is on the rise.Online casinos are increasingly adapting to the ever-changing needs of players, and reaping the rewards; over 50% of online gambling revenue comes from mobile devices.

Modern players want the convenience of having a casino in their pocket, letting them place bets anytime, anywhere. More and more offline casino operators are recognizing the nearly limitless potential of the online gambling segment. Slotegrator provides business advisory and licensing services, and has a proven history of helping countless new operators find their way in the iGaming industry. You can contact the company to explore your options.

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Together for girls and women

Info paus Pengeluaran SGP 2020 – 2021. Cashback terkini yang lain dapat dipandang dengan terencana melewati kabar yg kami lampirkan dalam web tersebut, dan juga bisa dichat kepada operator LiveChat pendukung kita yg stanby 24 jam Online buat melayani segala maksud para pemain. Ayo langsung join, dan ambil hadiah Lotto & Kasino Online terbesar yg hadir di web kami.

Together for girls and women

The charity event “Together for girls and women” took place on March 9th, at Elisabeta Restaurant, in the form of a fashion show. It was organized by Miss International Romania, Ada-Maria Ileana, with the aim of raising funds for the Iele-Sânziene organization. Half of the donations went towards helping the refugees from Ukraine, through the Romanian Red Cross. Among the models, there were other representatives of Romania at international beauty pageants, such as Miss Universe and Miss Supranational. 12 Romanian designers, talented and appreciated in the fashion world, presented their latest collections: from day outfits to dresses and gala suits. Some of the pieces presented were auctioned off and there were other opportunities to donate.
The minimum donation at the entrance was 50RON.

Ada-Maria Ileana is Miss International Romania 2021/22 and will represent our country at the 60th edition of Miss International, in the fall of 2022, in Japan. Along with Miss Universe, Miss World and Miss Earth, this pageant is one of the top four international beauty pageants. Ada is 24 years old, from Bucharest and she has a Master of Science in Public Policy, at the prestigious University College London. She has a degree in Security Studies (University of Bucharest, Faculty of Political Science) and is passionate about international relations and diplomacy. For the past 5 years, Ada has been working as a Cambridge-certified English teacher. Ada has previously represented Romania at two international beauty pageants: Miss Tourism World 2018 (China) and Miss Tourism International 2018 (Malaysia), where she won an international title.

Traian Badulescu is a tourism journalist with 26 years of experience, tourism consultant, communication and public relations specialist, as well as a tourism and science fiction literature writer. In 1998, he graduated from the Higher School of Journalism (SSJ), as Valedictorian, and in 2010 he graduated with a Master’s degree in Tourism Management and Marketing from the Faculty of Commerce of the Academy of Economic Studies (ASE). Between 1996 and 1998 he coordinated the first four-language guide of Bucharest (edited by Crystal Publishing), and between 1997 and 2002 he was Head of Department at the first tourism weekly in Romania, “Tourist Day”. Since 2002, he has been the spokesperson for the Atlantykron Academy, a summer school unique in Romania and worldwide, organized in Capidava. In 2003 he founded the magazine “ANAT Media”, of the National Association of Travel Agencies (ANAT) and is a spokesman for ANAT (2004-2010, 2020-). During 2007-2009 he held the position of president of the Tourism Press Club (FIJET Romania), an organization that aims to consolidate and develop the status of tourism journalist, then becoming vice president, responsible for public relations and communication. He has edited several magazines, published thousands of articles and interviews on tourism and, in 2011, he was the producer of the tourism show “Live Your Life”, broadcasted on Money Channel. He is the organizer or co-organizer of several events, such as the “Romanian Travel Forum” and “Incoming Romania Travel Forum” tourism conferences or the World / European amateur snooker championships (Bucharest, 2014, 2015, 2018, 2022). In 2016, he published the volume of SF stories “The Secret of the Hemisphere”.

The cause
Iele-Sânziene Association is a non-profit organization, active since the beginning of 2020. The association supports girls and women in Romania through menstrual and puberty education workshops, women’s solidarity projects and advocacy for long-term systemic change. To date, the Iele-Sânziene Association has supported over 360 adolescent girls through menstrual and puberty education workshops and distributed 300 kits with contraceptives and hygiene products that are friendly to the body and nature, in order to reduce menstrual poverty.

In January 2021, Iele-Sânziene published a petition calling on the authorities to implement a program to make menstrual products available free of charge in schools. The petition was signed by over 40,000 people and initiated talks with representatives of the ministries of health and education in order to implement a pilot project. Also, in 2021, Iele-Sânziene joined the “Together for Girls” initiative group, formed by Parliament Member Oana Țoiu, together with other NGOs in the field, to create a legislative proposal to support vulnerable people who cannot afford products of monthly menstrual hygiene.
In September 2021, the Iele-Sânziene Association launched Sânziene Magazine in print and digital format – the first educational and inclusive magazine in Romania, created by teenagers, for teenagers.
More about the Iele-Sânziene Association here:

Elisabeta Restaurant, built in an eclectic style, is an architectural monument dating from 1912, being one of the most significant buildings representing the architectural style of the time. At the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century, the city’s architecture began to take shape according to Western parameters, the Elisabeta Restaurant building being part of the configuration of buildings up to European standards, monuments bordering Elisabeta Boulevard on either side.
Built by the architect Rudolf Quich on the land of the Viennese baron Jules de Waldberg, it has architecturally instilled the eclectic style of Western art through all the design elements of modernism, art deco and classicism. Over time, the building has been home to several important state institutions, such as the Austro-Hungarian Club and the Small Senate of Romania.
The Regina Elisabeta Hall is characterized by the refinement and elegance of the salons specific to the interwar period. The restaurant, with a capacity of 120 people in a sitting system and an area of ​​207 m2, aims to evoke as much as possible the imprint of Her Highness Queen Elizabeth, wanting “elegant” to be the word that defines it.


CanCan Media, Casino Life and Business Magazine, Aesthetic Antiaging Magazine, Spectacola,, magazine,,,, The Trends

Dragoș Bistriceanu is a journalist and graduate of the Faculty of Political Science. He has been presenting news journals and talk shows for more than 2 years. He got into television by accident and fell in love with this field.
Above all, he believes that it is very important to be serious and involved in what you do professionally, and this has been the direction he has taken over the years. There is no recipe for success, just a lot of work, passion and a little luck.

Fashion presentation
Among the 12 designers present there were important names from the Romanian fashion industry.
Aryanna Karen is a brand of wedding dresses founded in Romania, in 2014. With over 14 years of experience in the field, the designer Ana Maria Lungu is behind all the Aryanna Karen wedding dresses, putting soul and mastery in the design of each dress. Aryanna Karen dresses are addressed to brides who dream of a dress from the pages of a storybook, with impressive volume and handmade applications.
SABINNE is a brand founded in 2015, a European registered trademark, meant to offer creative, sustainable, attitude-oriented clothing. The avant-garde elements, the continuous research of shapes and patterns, and the inclusion of traditional tailoring techniques define the SABINNE brand. The AERIA collection is composed of fresh colors, wide cuts, with interesting textile structures, volumes and three-dimensional shapes. Sustainability is key. The remains of materials were used to create accessories with an aesthetic and practical role, or in experiments on various techniques of draping or handling materials. Knitted and crocheted pieces are included to encourage these crafts and give artisans a chance to be promoted and presented in fashion projects.
Muna is a Romanian brand dedicated to women everywhere, with an aesthetic that changes and reinvents itself along with them. A Muna outfit will make you look the way you feel. Bohemian, romantic, fragile, dreamy, fearless, curious, cheerful, warm. Because that’s how we are, like the sea, like the sky and as the weather. We feel and live with passion and intensity.
Dom Perri is a luxury Italian brand that produces dresses, shoes, accessories and bags for both women and men; but also bespoke suits – timeless, elegant and practical outfits suitable for any event.
Oh Kimono – the contemporary brand that offers you the experience of a new culture from the comfort of home or, on the contrary, from the middle of the urban noise. It attracts with its effervescence and vivacity. It urges you to naturalness, sincerity and is able to facilitate the enhancement of your individuality.
CarmeR – with over 25 years of experience in the field, ready to turn your dreams and design ideas into reality. From simple retouches to evening dresses that will be guaranteed to catch all eyes and put you in the center of attention, from simple summer skirts to wedding dresses that will bring you the shine on the most important day, all are tailored to your personality and made with skill, attention to detail and a touch of love.
Beatrice Lianda Dinu is a professional with 30 years of experience in fashion, a fashion designer, set designer and journalist. Known both in Romania and in Italy, Beatrice tells stories with children, juniors and artists, completing her work for children and orphans. Because her motto is to create beautiful stories, Beatrice maintains a high standard in clothing design, being at the same time an innovative fashion designer through her avant-garde creations dedicated to theater and showbiz.
Red Fashion Factory is a clothing design workshop that ensures that all customers have the dream dress for the events they attend.
Adelaida Design – evening dresses
Ana-Maria Vintilescu – children’s clothes
Laura Caraman – Mugen Spiralis Timp collection creates a connection between Romania and Japan, an attraction but also a rejection, a world of contrasts and complexity, starting from the traditional costume to everyday clothes with traditional influences.
Eve’s Boutique, a 100% Romanian shop, was born out of a passion for the beautiful, unique and spectacular and out of a desire to celebrate the woman and give her self-confidence. All collections are made to the highest quality standards in their own state-of-the-art atelier. Eve’s Boutique celebrates the self-confident woman who dreams of breaking down barriers and who wants to discover her best side. The chosen aesthetic is focused on sumptuousness, luxury, glamor.

Among the professional models there were also representatives of Romania at Miss pageants:
Carmina Olimpia Cotfas – Miss Universe Romania 2021
Andra Tache – Miss Supranational Romania 2022
Denisa Malacu – Miss Intercontinental Romania 2022
Daniela Ștefan – Miss Globe Romania 2021


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By Mugurel Olariu, RPD protectie date

One of the main rights of the data subject is the right of access to personal data. It is governed by the European legal instrument – Article 8 of the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights and specifically specified by Article 15 of the GDPR.

Guidance 1/2022 on the rights of the data subject – right of access has been issued at the EDPB*1 level , a document in the public consultation phase until 11.03.2022.

The general purpose of the right of access is to provide individuals with sufficient, transparent and easily accessible information about the processing of their personal data so that they can be aware of and to verify the lawfulness of the processing and the accuracy of the data processed. This will make it easier – but not a condition – for the individual to exercise other rights such as the right to erasure or rectification.

The right of access under data protection law must be differentiated from rights similar to other objectives, such as the right of access to public documents aimed at ensuring transparency in the decision-making process of public authorities and good administrative practice.

The right of access includes three different components:
■ Confirmation whether or not the data about the person is processed,
■ Access to this personal data and
■ Access to information on processing, such as purpose, categories of data and recipients, duration of processing, rights of data subjects and corresponding guarantees in case of a transfer to a third country.

The guide is structured in six chapters, the first being General Observations. The content chapters numbered 2 to 6 refer to:

✔ The purpose of the right of access, the structure of Article 15 of the GDPR and the general principles. The chapter presents the definition of the right of access, provisions on the modalities and possible limitation of this right. The principles of the right of access with the completeness and correctness of the information, the temporal reference point of the evaluation and the observance of the data security requirements are also pointed out.

✔ General considerations regarding the evaluation of access requests. The introductory notions are presented, with the analysis of the content of the application, the form of the application and the identification of the data subject, as well as the connection between the personal data and the data subject. This chapter also contains three specialized sections on Problems with Determining the Identity of the Applicant, Assessing Proportionality on Identifying the Applicant, and Requests Made by Third Parties / Proxies.

✔ The scope of the right of access and the data and personal information to which it relates, with three sections, as follows: Definition of personal data, Personal data to which the right of access refers, and Information on processing and rights targeted persons.

✔ How can an operator provide access?, is the main topic of this chapter. It has three sections, as follows: How can the operator retrieve the requested data?, Appropriate measures to ensure access, and Time to provide access.

✔ Limits and restrictions of the right of access is the last chapter. General observations are made and the application of art. 15 paragraph (4) of the GDPR. And of art.12 paragraph (5) of the RGPD. The last section clarifies key issues, namely: What is clearly unfounded ?, What is excessive ?, Consequences and Possible restrictions in Union or Member State law under Article 23 GDPR and derogations.

In the Annex, a Flowchart of the receipt, analysis and settlement of the request of the data subject is presented, in three steps, as follows:

Step 1: How is the application interpreted and evaluated?, exemplifying the six issues to be clarified, namely:
✔ Does the requests concern personal data?
✔ Is it a GDPR request?
✔ Is it an art.15 request?
✔ Does the request relate to the requesting person?
✔ Identity check, in case of doubts.
✔ What is the scope of the application?

Step 2: How do I respond to the request?, with three sections:
✔ 3 main components of the right of access (structure of art. 15).
✔ Take appropriate measures.
✔ How can the controller retrieve all data about the data subject?

Step 3: Check the limits and restrictions, with two sections:
✔ Art. 15 (4) GPRD: Would rights or freedoms of others be affected by answering the access request?
✔ Art. 12 (5) GDPR: Is the request manifestly unfounded?

We consider that this guide is an effective working tool for operators, and will be deepened and used in the practical activity by the data protection officer at their level.

[1] See data-subject-rights-right_en

Chronicle of an announced war

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Chronicle of an announced war

Casino Life & Business Magazine Editorial no. 145 / March 2022 issue

We live in strange times, full of crises of all kinds, but also of gross manipulation.

A war announced months before, a president turned from a comedy actor to a real Superman, but who took pictures of a warrior almost a year before, with rows of cars on fire, with blocks hit by missiles but photographed in 2015, with armored trucks which are being attacked and simple people who stop them without any weapon or embarrassment, with women destroying drones with the pickle jar, but with a CNN that does not broadcast live images even though we are in the 21st century and is full of smartphones, with attackers who have no more money, but deliver gas to the enemy, with a pandemic that disappeared in an instant and with more and more …

And, if that wasn’t enough, winter began on the first day of spring, leaving dozens of electric cars without a battery after the first colder night than usual, just for us to only understand that both global warming and the future of electric cars are illusions promoted by the same people who supported mass vaccination with thousands of doses and then commented insensibly on the regional geo-political situation…

God, what else is going to come?!

Chronicle of an announced war
Casino Life & Business Magazine Editorial no. 145 / March 2022 issue

The magazine, that appears once at 1 month, contains articles referring to gambling in casinos, describes gambling tactics, offers a full picture of those who experience this mirage and of the places in which this one develops. Also, readers are informed about the last trends in the gambling technologies field, the disputed opinions about this life style are objectively treated, providing the opinions of the most representative personalities in the field.

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Ukraine’s gaming community responds to outbreak of conflict


The situation is just awful.
It is quite difficult to describe in one sentence!

Iryna Sergienko
Partner / Sports & Gaming
Lawyers, Law Company, Kyiv

In the morning of February 24, 2022, the Russian government began a large-scale military attack on Ukraine. Among the many Ukrainians who are speaking out and asking for support are its game developers. Ukraine is home to a large community of game creators, all of whom are feeling the effects of the escalating geopolitical conflict.
Members of the game community in Ukraine estimate that the country has over 400 game-based organizations and provides jobs to over 30,000 employees. Several game studios from Europe, Israel, and Russia have branch offices in the country, and outsourcing and work-for-hire compose a major part of the industry in Ukraine. Even if you’re not aware of it, it’s very likely you’ve played a game that was made or supported by a Ukrainian studio.
Several game studios have spoken about the conflict on social media. GSC Game World, the developers of the Stalker franchise, tweeted:

Frogwares, makers of the recent Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One, said: “We can’t just stand by. Russia attacks our homeland and denies the sovereignty of Ukraine. We are trying to stay safe, but this is war, there are no two ways about it…. We’re a peaceful nation, and in all the years since we gained our independence, we’ve never attacked or threatened anyone. Because of this situation, our work will be impacted and our lives can be destroyed.”

Mobile gaming studio Gameloft tweeted: “Gameloft is home to two studios in Ukraine — Kharkiv and Lviv — and we want to express our support for them and everyone else affected by the current events unfolding in the country. We have been following the situation very closely for the past few weeks and have been in an ongoing conversation with our Ukrainian studios. We are all deeply saddened by the current events, and our thoughts are with our dear teams and community members in Ukraine.”

Ukraine’s history with gaming
Alexey Menshikov was at Ukraine’s first game company, Action Forms, in the 1990s, and then he worked at and built several game studios over the years. He is currently head of Beatshapers, a console game studio that has 20 people in Kyiv, Ukraine. He has checked in with his people and they are safe, but he worries about whether they will remain so if the war drags on and involves the entire country.
Menshikov is part of a diaspora of Ukraine’s game industry, where leaders have migrated to other countries like the U.S. in search of capital and other resources to support their efforts to run international operations with links to the development teams in Ukraine. Menshikov now lives in Los Angeles and manages the studio from afar.

In the past, much of that tradition has been in work-for-hire companies which make parts of a game such as its core programming or art, while design is handled elsewhere. But increasingly Ukraine’s studios and developers have moved up the food chain in gaming to creating games and original titles.

Dean Takahashi of GamesBeat first crossed paths with Ukrainian game makers in 2010, when he met with the developers at Gameprom, a creator of pinball games for mobile devices. He was surprised when he learned that they had worked on so many pinball titles, and he was impressed with their resourcefulness. They didn’t grow up playing pinball. Instead, they learned by watching YouTube videos and then made their games.

Much of Ukraine’s gaming activity is focused in the capital city of Kyiv, which for years was the home of the Casual Connect Eastern European game developer event. The recent GamesGathering event in December drew more than 1,500 people. “We have grown a lot of companies, and many like Wargaming have a big presence in Ukraine,” said Menshikov, who started as a sound designer and like many Ukrainians taught himself game development skills.
The Ukrainian game developers with whom GamesBeat has spoken all cite the country’s education system as being a major factor in why the games industry has flourished there, with universities turning out talented programmers and creatives who can enter into the industry directly.

Game studios in Ukraine
Major studios in the region include the Russian-Irish mobile gaming developer Playrix, which entered Ukraine after acquiring local studios Zagrava (in 2019) and Boolat Games (in 2021); Ubisoft, which has locations in Kyiv and the coastal city of Odesa; and Plarium, the Israeli developer behind Raid: Shadow Legends.

Esports is also a major part of the Ukrainian gaming community. The government recognized it as an official sport in 2020, with Oleksandr Borniakov, Deputy Minister for Digital Transformation acknowledging that “millions of Ukrainians” enjoyed watching esports. The country’s teams are also regular winners at major events, with Natus Vincere (or “Navi”) being one of the biggest teams.
Natus Vincere gave a statement on Twitter that reads:

Major player Oleksandr Olegovich Kostyliev, a.k.a. “s1mple” tweeted that his home city was being shelled during the initial conflict.
This is not the first time game developers have been affected by the ongoing conflict between the two countries. Two major Ukrainian studios pre-2014 were A4 Games and Arkadium, both of which were forced to move offices following the Russian annexation of Crimea. A4 Games moved its studio to Malta at the urging of its publishers, and Arkadium’s team in the region (Arkadium is also based in New York City) opted to move to St. Petersburg.
Yuriy Dyachyshyn, CEO of Thundermark, runs a game studio with 40 people. The company has been trying to come up with contingencies to help its employees by advising them to move into the western part of the country, Dyachyshyn said in an interview at the Dice Summit in Las Vegas.

How the community is coping
At the moment studios are continuing to call for support as they follow the directives of the Ukrainian government. WePlay Esports said in a statement that its office in Ukraine will continue to function for the time being “Work in the WePlay Holding Ukrainian office is in full swing … . All WePlay Holding employees are aware of the government instructions they need to follow and continue working from home.”

G5 Entertainment, a casual/mobile game developer, also said: “G5 Entertainment is following the escalation in Ukraine closely; we currently have no reports of our staff being involved in any hostilities. We recommend our employees to follow the advice of the Ukrainian president to shelter at home and not relocate at this point. We have some employees that have relocated earlier whilst the majority remains in their hometowns.
“At this point we have given the Ukrainian employees two days off so that they can look after themselves and their family and friends. We remain committed to our employees wherever they are situated and are doing our best to support them through the immediate situation and will evaluate ongoingly which measures are best suited to support them going forward.”
Other members of the global community are reaching out to show their support. 11 Bit Studios, the Polish developer behind This War of Mine, has declared that it’s donating all proceeds from its games to the Ukrainian Red Cross, and GOG has declared its support for this.
Earlier this month, as conflicts were escalating, game development agency Amber opened a new studio in Kyiv. Amber CEO Jaime Gline said at the time, “Our presence in the Ukrainian market will not only strengthen our creative capacity, but also send a timely and strong message of our support for our team in Kyiv and the wider Ukrainian game dev ecosystem.”
We at GamesBeat send our best wishes for the wellness and safety of the gaming community and all civilians currently in the Ukraine.